Barcelona Metro

An official TMB map for using the Metro Barcelona.

Whether you’re going to Les Corts District for the first meeting of the day or need to plan a visit to La Sagrada Família, the Metro Barcelona app is here to help you need to get around this incredible Catalonian city.

Official TMB Map

Searching for Barcelona-El Prat Airport, Universitat de Barcelona (The University of Barcelona) or La Sagrera-Meridiana stations is easy as you’ll find them all quickly on the official TMB map. The recognisable map is easy to use making any journey on Barcelona’s Metro stress-free. The map will also work offline so there’s no panicking when your phone signal drops!

Journey Planner

Plan journeys to and from any metro stations and many places of interest like Parc de Montjuïc or Basílica de la Sagrada Família. Barcelona Metro will then figure out the quickest and simplest routes. Pick one and you get to see a full summary of the route including where the changes are and the total journey time.

– Did You Know? –

On Saturdays the Metro Barcelona runs a 24-hour service starting at 5am and running through to Sunday.

Step-By-Step Guides

Metro Barcelona can walk you through a route, showing you step-by-step which line to take, where to change and which direction to head in. This is all presented on the official TMB metro map where the stations and changes are marked clearly so you can’t go wrong!

Nearest Station

When travelling around Barcelona, avoid confusion and always know your nearest metro station thanks to Barcelona Metro. The Journey Planner will also let you choose Current Location and will present you the three stations that are closest to your location so you have the option of which to use.

– Travel Tip –

There are ticket machines at every Metro station. You can pay in coins and notes or with credit and debit cards.

Barcelona Metro review on Google Play


Super util, rapida y no falla

jorge bc | 20th December 2017

Barcelona Metro review on iTunes


So useful, and if you’re not sure which way the line you’re meant to be getting on is… you click maps and it shows you the end of the line, so you know which signs to follow! Makes traveling so easy!

amber_ck | 1st December 2017

Barcelona Metro review on iTunes


Made Travel Simple. This was a gem of an app to have on my phone when visiting Barcelona recently! So easy to use and understand.

Loopylol | 24th September 2017

– Did You Know? –

The T-10 ticket could be better value than the Tourist Ticket. The T-10 is a multi-person ticket that gets you 10 journeys and is valid for as long as you’re in Barcelona.

– Travel Tip –

All stations in Barcelona City are classed as Zone 1. If you are travelling outside of the city, tickets will be more expensive.

Additional Features

Walking Routes

Sometimes it’s actually quicker to walk from one station to another rather than trying to change. Save time with the walking routes shortcuts overlay on the map.

Twitter Updates

Live official Twitter updates from TMB.

Official TMB tweets are displayed in original Spanish

What's Nearby from Trip Advisor

We’ve teamed up with Trip Advisor to give you helpful information on what’s nearby each metro station. Simple tap a station and view places to eat, stay and see.