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Mapway is the world’s number one in public transport apps.

Every year, the average individual makes 923 trips. That’s 364 hours, travelling 6,584 miles. In total that works out at 15 days in the year we spend just getting from A to B. Whether it’s commuting to work, visiting loved ones or going on holiday, getting around on public transport can be a stressful experience. At Mapway we specialise in transport apps and cover over 25 of the most complex transport systems in the world, to help make your journeys easier.

From navigating around the London Underground using the iconic Tube Map, to travelling around the New York Subway or Paris Metro using our route planner. Our award winning transport apps have generated almost 30 million lifetime downloads with half a billion annual sessions worldwide.

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Why use public transport apps?

Travelling by subway, metro, bus or train? Any public transport user will understand the stresses of severe delays, with no idea just how late you are actually going to be. Mapway apps give commuters the right information they need to plan alternative routes for the most efficient journeys. As our name suggests our maps of the different transport systems are at the core of our products and we work with a number of authorities and governing bodies to offer the best transport maps on the market, giving our users total reassurance and confidence when they download.

Our apps have the ability to tell you when your next bus, train or subway is due. They highlight any delays on your route before you even get to a station. They can even give you the option to buy cheap tickets to save money before you travel. Our most impressive feature however is that all of our subway maps work offline – so if you’re ever lost on the London Underground don’t worry, Tube Map will still be able to help you.

Our award winning Tube Map London Underground app, for example, includes a full tube map of London, has real-time line status and departure information as well as an interactive route planner.

Who uses our apps and route planner features?

Mapway transport apps cover 23 different cities worldwide across Europe, North and South America, Asia and Middle East.

So whether you are using one of our apps to get to work, finding a new way to travel during a Tube strike, or for exploring a new city on holiday, our mobile technology will help give you more control and awareness the next time you travel.

Each app we develop is tailor-made which means Mapway transport apps come in a range of different languages across a selection of platforms including iOS, Android and Windows.

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