Madrid Metro

Your ultimate Madrid Metro guide

The Spanish city of Madrid is bursting with life but getting around can be a stressful experience when using the metro. Although one of the fastest ways to travel, the metro system is a large one covering twelve districts and every corner of the Capital city. With Madrid Metro Map and journey planner you won’t have to worry. Be confident getting around this incredible city and know at the touch of a button the quickest routes for using the metro.

Complete Metro Map

Take the Madrid metro map with you wherever you go, even if you go offline. Search for stations by name then see where they sit on the map and find your bearings quickly. Ditch the paper map with confidence because you’re not going to need it!

Journey Planner

Know how long the metro ride is to the stadium and be there before kick-off or check how many stops are left so you can get off at the right station for your dinner reservation. Plan journeys from A to B and Madrid Metro will find you the quickest and easiest routes to take.

– Travel Tip –

The Madrid metro runs roughly between 6am and 2am and runs more frequently at peak times.

Step-By-Step Guides

You’ll never get lost on the metro again! Each route comes with a step-by-step guide so you know how long it will take, where to change metro trains and even how many stations you pass through to get to yours. Even better, you can see every step displayed on the metro map itself.

Station Searching Made Easy

See the station you want? Tap on it for more information. Looking for a station you use a lot? Find it in Recents. Want to know what’s nearby? Your closest three stations always sit at the top of the list. Intelligent search also makes it easy to look for a station by name, producing results even when you don’t have phone signal.

– Did You Know? –

The Metrobús 10 journey ticket lets you take journeys on any Metro line in Zone A as well as taking trips on EMT buses.

Madrid Metro review on iTunes


Good app, saved me a lot of time trying to understand the subway in Madrid ( and it has iPhone X support – that’s a big plus)

marcomoreira92 | 14th December 2017

Madrid Metro review on Google Play


Muy Bueno

Fernando G. H. G. | 5th December 2017

Madrid Metro review on Google Play


Útil, rapido…lo recomiendo un 100%

Paquii M. | 21st April 2017

Travel Tip

The metro is divided into different zones, A, B1, B2 and B3. Most tourist attractions lie within Zone A.

– Did You Know? –

Dogs are now allowed on the Madrid metro. Owners are allowed to take 1 dog on a lead and wearing a muzzle.

Additional Features

Twitter Updates

Live updates from the official @metro_madrid Twitter account.

Favourite Routes

Bookmark your favourite routes and access them at any time from the map menu.

Walking Shortcuts

An overlay that shows where on the Madrid metro map it’s quicker to walk.