Paris Metro Map

The number one Paris Metro app for navigating the city

Paris Metro includes the official RATP metro map and all of the help you need to get around the French capital city on public transport. Our transport app is easy to use and packed with helpful information to make using the metro simple and stress free. Seeing the sights? It’s easy to plan a journey to the Arc de Triomphe. Commuting during the week? Departure boards will help you get to work on time and avoid delays.

Official RATP metro map

If you need to figure out where you are or where you need to be, it helps to start with a familiar map. The RATP map is the first thing you’ll see when opening the app and it will match all of the maps you see on the metro. But of course, Paris Metro is more than just a map…

Departure Boards

Tap on a Paris Metro stop and you’ll find Departure Boards in the station menu. Get information organised by line so you can quickly find what you need. With our departure boards you’ll know when a train is due and see how often they depart so no more frantic running to the metro!

– Did You Know? –

Paper tickets are very common on the Paris Metro and it’s typical to buy them in bulk.

Journey Planner

Paris Metro makes it easy to get to points of interest, by letting you plan routes to places like the National Library of France (Bibliothèque Nationale de France) and the Grand Palais. See the quickest route to take as well as a simpler option with fewer changes, then Paris Metro will show you every step of the journey to guide you there.

Nearest Station

This nifty little feature is the quickest and easiest way to start your journey. You might be a traveller exploring the city or a local who can’t decide which station is closest. Paris Metro will use your location to find the nearest station to you and show you where it is on the map.

– Travel Tip –

If you get on a train in the wrong direction you can get off at the next stop and change platforms without having to pay for another journey.

Paris Metro review on iTunes


Very good ??????

Bonasser1 | 12th April 2018

Paris Metro review on iTunes


La gente es muy ordenada en este metro, eso lo hace un excelente medio de transporte, en Paris!!!

Pechera willy | 2nd April 2018

Paris Metro review on iTunes


Bonne app. Tres bonne application utile et facile.

Handala1957 | 1st March 2018

– Travel Tip –

When the Metro is busy avoid using the fold-out chairs. This gives more room to everyone who’s standing and allows more people to get on on the train. It’s something the locals will appreciate it if you’re visiting Paris for the first time!

– Travel Tip –

The RER looks similar to the Paris Metro so be careful to not mix them up otherwise you could end up on a train heading out of the city!

Additional Features

First & Last Trains

Available as an in-app purchase, this useful feature gives you the first and last train times for each metro station. For more information visit “Unlocked Features Explained”.

Carriage Exits

Want to know the quickest way out of the metro? This helpful in-app purchase tells you which carriage to use to get out first. For more information visit “Unlocked Features Explained”.

Walking Shortcuts

Sometimes it’s just quicker to walk. Save time with the walking shortcuts overlay on the map.

Uber Integration

Click any station to see onward travel options including Uber for an alternative way to get to your destination.

Live Twitter Updates

Get the latest service tweets from RATP in the Twitter tab.