Seoul Subway

A Seoul Subway app that both locals and visitors love.

The Seoul Metropolitan Subway is the 4th largest metro system in the world, with lines that stretch well beyond the city border. With a subway this big, you’ll need an app like Seoul Subway to simplify every journey you make so you never get lost.

Bilingual Map

Korean station names are displayed alongside their English counterparts, which means no need for multiple maps and a better understanding of where you are and where you’re going. The map has taken inspiration from both the official Seoul subway map and also London’s Tube Map to make it the easiest to understand transport app for Seoul subway.

Journey Planner

When the subway has as many as 19 lines, it can become tricky to pick out just one route and nearly impossible to find the quickest. Let Seoul Subway de-stress your journey and do the hard work. Tell it your start and end points and Seoul Subway will find your fastest route and your most simple route. So all you have to do is decide which one you like best.

– Did You Know? –

Korean culture celebrates those who help each other. So next time you’re on the subway check if there is someone who needs your seat more than you do.

Step-By-Step Guides

Seoul Subway lets you travel in confidence by showing step-by-step guides on the subway map. You’ll get directions and changeover information so you can’t go wrong.

Nearest Station

Get where you need to go without any hassle. There are more than 250 subway stations in Seoul and it couldn’t be easier to find the one you need with this nifty little feature. Wherever you are in the city, Seoul Subway will put you on the right path.

– Travel Tip –

It’s widely known you stand on the right on the Seoul Subway but signs in some of the stations might say otherwise! So keep an eye on what the locals do if you’re travelling for the first time.

Seoul Subway review on Google Play


V good app. can easily locate directions and transfers between stations even when offline.

Jia hui | 2nd November 2017

Seoul Subway review on iTunes


Very helpful and works offline 🙂 recommended by my korean friend.

jeancho | 5th October 2017

Seoul Subway review on iOS


I’ve loved using this app during my 8 day vacation in Seoul. It’s been a life saver and given me the freedom to move around a major foreign city with confidence…

Uterose | 31st May 2017

– Travel Tip –

In South Korea it’s common courtesy to avoid priority seating even if the subways are completely full. This is to always make sure that the people who actually need those seats can sit down easily.

– Did You Know? –

Most announcements on the Seoul subway are made in Korean, English, Japanese and Chinese.

Additional Features

Twitter updates

Live tweets and status updates from the Seoul Metro Twitter account.

Walking Shortcuts

An overlay that shows shortcuts between stations on different lines and includes walking times.