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We’re very excited to share the news that we’re partnering with Station Master to make our Tube Map app better than ever. We want to give Tube users the knowledge they need to make their journeys as simple and relaxed as possible, by providing things like the quickest route from train to station exit and alternative access to other lines and platforms.

“We’re delighted to be partnering with Station Master. The substantial information it has gathered is invaluable to London Underground users as it makes their journeys far easier, removing the stress involved in travelling.” David James, CEO of Mapway.

One of the features we’re especially looking forward to sharing with you, is the addition of accessibility information for London Underground stations. And this won’t be your usual step-free info, that’s for sure. Thanks to Station Master we’ll have all sorts of details about accessibility for wheelchair users, people with prams and even travellers with luggage! So you have a clearer view of how easy a Tube platform is to reach, depending on the situation.


To say that the people behind Station Master know their stuff is a bit of an understatement and the lengths they’ve gone to for all of the data is amazing.

“We visited all the stations on the TfL transport network and counted every step on every staircase. It has been a lot of hard work, but partnering with Mapway has allowed us to use this data as effectively as possible, giving users the exact information they need to make the most out of the underground.” Geoff Marshall, co-founder of Station Master.

We can’t wait to share all of this good stuff with you and we’ve already started work on our next update. Our users can look forward to accessing the new London Underground information in Tube Map from early 2016.

About Station Master

Station Master makes travel in London easier for everyone using facts and figures collected from every station on the Tube map, including Overground and DLR networks.

The App has been developed by transport enthusiasts Matthew Frost and Geoff Marshall. Geoff is the former World Record Holder for visiting all London Underground stations in the fastest time possible.

More information about Station Master can be found at

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