Beijing Subway

The clearest map of Beijing’s Subway.

In a city that’s as big as Beijing, it helps to get a bit of clarity and the information you need to travel the subway in confidence. Find the quickest routes to work, simplify your journey home and get to new places in the city without the stress. Beijing Subway Map combines step-by-step guides with highlights on the map so you’ll never go wrong.

Journey Planner

When there are so many subway lines and transfer stations, it’s not always obvious which route to take. So tell the app your start and end point and let Beijing Subway do the planning for you. Immediately get the quickest and the easiest routes as well as the total journey time and number of changes.

Bilingual Map

Inspired by the famous London Tube Map, we’ve designed a bilingual map that’s clear and easy to read. And to keep up with a subway system that’s always changing, the map also includes faded lines, so you can see routes that will be available in the future.

– Did You Know? –

Announcements on the subway are made in both Mandarin and English.

Step-by-step Guides

Every journey comes with a complete summary showing you how many changes there are and how long it will take, so you’ll never be late again. Thanks to Tokyo Metro’s on-map guides you’ll be confident every step of the way.

Nearest Station

In a city as dense as Beijing it’s easy to feel a little lost. But don’t worry! Let Beijing Subway lend a hand. Use the Locate Me arrow on iOS to automatically select your closest metro station. Every time you search for a station your nearest 3 will always be at the top of the list to make it easy to find the one you want.

– Travel Tip –

Subway stations are marked by large blue signs which feature a capital B (this looks like a D) inside a circle. The station names are written in Chinese and English.

Beijing Subway review on iOS


Good app, I like it so much.

Injonisasi | 10th July 2016

Beijing Subway review on iOS




ㅇㅈㅊ04 | 17th February 2016

Beijing Subway review on iOS


Gets me where I need to be in Beijing. Easy navigation and the map is up to date. No complaints at all.

JZDillet | 9th February 2016

– Did You Know? –

Security checks are a common part of transit in Beijing so don’t be worried, if your bag gets X-rayed on the way into the subway.

– Travel Tip –

The Beijing subway costs 2 Yuan (¥) for a single journey on one line, with the exception of the Airport Express which is 25 Yuan.

Additional Features

Nearest Station

Waste no time getting to the station you need. This feature automatically selects the closest station to your location.

Favourite Routes

Tap the star to favourite a route and quickly find it again and again.