Boston ‘T’

Boston’s subway system “The T” is the quickest way to get around the city and the Boston ‘T’ app is the best guide to using it.

The Boston ‘T’ app includes the official MBTA subway map, train times for every station and a route planner to help you get around the city. Spend less time feeling lost and more time relaxing, exploring and seeing the sights of Boston.

Official MBTA Subway Map

Travel with the knowledge that you’ve got the official MBTA map of the Boston ‘T’. The map includes all of the subway lines including the commuter rail and all branches of the Green line. There are also ferry routes, major bus routes and the Silver line shuttle bus.

Train Times

No one likes getting to their stop and having to wait ages for the next subway train. Or even worse, arriving just as a train is pulling away. Each station in the Boston ‘T’ app has detailed train times arranged by line and platform so that you know exactly when your train is due.

– Did You Know? –

You can travel from the airport to the T for free via a shuttle bus.

For more travel advice and top tips be sure to visit Mapway’s Boston Travel Guide.

Journey Planner

Need to get to the Boston Opera House or debating the quickest route to Maverick station? With the app you can plan a route to any subway station on the map and to major points of interest. The Boston ‘T’ app will find the quickest and simplest routes to use.

Step-by-step Guides

For every suggested route the app also provides a step-by-step guide through the journey. Know which direction to go and which stations you need to change at. The best part is that your entire journey is shown on the official MBTA map with the important stations highlighted.

– Travel Tip –

If you’ve got a CharlieCard you can transfer from the T to an MBTA bus for no extra cost.

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– Travel Tip –

A CharlieTicket for riding the subway can be bought from vending machines in stations and from selected retail stores in the Boston area.

– Did You Know? –

The Silver Line isn’t an underground rail, it’s an express bus route. But it’s still technically part of the subway.

Additional Features

Nearest Station

Don’t know which station is your nearest? Boston ‘T’ will find the closest station to you and highlight it on the map.

Live MBTA Twitter Feed

Read live travel alerts from the official MBTA Twitter account.


Need help making the next part of your journey? The Uber feature provides estimated time and fare info.

Walking Shortcuts

See where on the map it’s actually quicker to walk between stations with this map overlay.