Bus Times London

The only London bus app you’ll ever need.

Catching the bus in London can be complicated and frustrating at times. Luckily we have an app to solve that! No more waiting for a bus that isn’t coming and no more uncertainty about which bus to get. Bus Times London is the ultimate travel app. Check bus times to see if yours is running late, plan bus journeys with total ease and view the nearby bus stops in your location from anywhere in London.

Nearby Stops

Open the app and the first thing you’ll see are the bus stops closest to you in both a map and list view. This means that wherever you are in London (even if you’re a little lost) you can know exactly where to go. Every stop is accompanied by an arrow showing the direction of travel so you’ll never go to the wrong bus stop.

Live Arrivals and Number Plates

Tap on a bus stop in the map view or from a search and the app will take you to its arrival board. Never again will you be waiting for a bus that will never arrive and thanks to number plate information you won’t catch the wrong one either. Live alerts from TfL will also help you be prepared and stay one-step ahead.

– Did You Know? –

You can’t pay your London bus fare in cash, you have to swipe in with an Oyster or contactless card.

Route Planner and AR View

Stop staring at bus timetables and old maps, Bus Times London is here to simplify the whole journey planning process. See how many changes there are between buses, the length of the journey and arrival time. Bus Times London is the easiest travel app to use as the map view breaks down the route and shows you every step of the journey.

Bus Times London also has something new for iOS 11, an AR View that guides you to your bus stop. It places a walking like on top of real-world streets so you never lose your way. Learn more about AR View on our blog.


A brand new addition to the Route Planner for iOS 11 that creates personalised soundtracks for every trip. Each Playlist fits to the length and route of your journey with songs inspired by the names of bus stops, locations and landmarks.
Heading from Waterloo to Abbey Road your collection of music could jump from The Beatles to Metallica to Macklemore with a weird and wonderful mix in-between! Don’t like the songs chosen? Just shake to shuffle for a brand new Playlist.

*Playlists feature only available on iOS 11.

 – Travel Tip –

If you’re travelling in London between 08:00 – 09:00 and 17:30 – 18:30, keep an eye on live arrivals because these are the busiest periods!

Bus Times London review on iTunes


Fast and Easy to Use. Great app and very easy to use. Reliable so far and no problems

Twiddler64 | 14th April 2018

Bus Times London review on iTunes


Great little app! Good, accurate information.

ChrisPap03 | 17th March 2018

Bus Times London review on Google Play


I’m very happy about this app, the most important thing is real time, and I appreciate that.

Migheli U. | 23rd December 2017

– Did You Know? –

Thanks to the new Hopper Fare you can make a journey on two buses for the price of one, if you catch the second bus within the hour.

– Travel Tip –

Bus routes that run through the night are marked by an “N” before the route number.

Additional Features

Smarter Searching

An intelligent search feature lets you look for stops, routes, points of interest and postcodes.

Fare Calculator

No need to wonder how much your bus journey will cost. The app includes a list of bus fare prices.

Route Maps

Select Route Map when viewing a route and Bus Times London will show it on a street map so you know exactly where the bus will go and which roads it will take.

Apple Watch Extension

Bus Times London is compatible with the Apple Watch so live departure times are always within easy reach.


You can favourite routes and stops so that they are easily accessible at any time. With your favourites in one place you’ll be able to access those live arrival times in no time at all!