Chicago ‘L’ Metro Map

Make journey planning on the Chicago L a whole lot easier.

Chicago is a vibrant city with lots of places to visit and things to do. With so much happening you won’t want to miss a beat and Chicago L Metro Map lets you do just that. Choose where you want to go, plan your journey and use the highlighted steps to guide you there.

Clear Metro Map for the Chicago ‘L’

Our designers have created the easiest map to read for navigating the Chicago L. The map uses a clear layout that is perfect for using when on the go. Wondering where the Purple Line Express runs or where you can make a rail connection? Everything you need is right here.

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– Did You Know? –

The Chicago ‘L’ gets its official nickname from the “elevated” sections of track that much of the system runs on.

– Travel Tip –

Ventra cards can be pre-loaded with money for fares and they can be bought from vending machines at Chicago ‘L’ stations or in hundreds of retail stores in the city.

Additional Features

Nearest Station

Waste no time getting to the station you need. This feature automatically selects the closest station to your location.

Favourite Routes

Tap the star to favourite a route and quickly find it again when on the go.


Need a ride when you get off the Chicago ‘L’ or looking for alternative transport? See how long you’ll be waiting for an Uber and get quick access to the app.