Hamburg Metro

Hamburg Metro is here to make travelling around the city a little less daunting.

U-Bahn lines, S-Bahn lines and regional rail lines make up Hamburg’s complex transport network. But with our Hamburg Metro transport app it’s easy. The clever app includes an easy to read map and route planner to simplify your journey so you can relax.

Official HVV Map

The official HVV map is a useful tool that shows park and ride spots, barrier-free entrances and includes the all-important Greater Hamburg boundary, which is essential for buying the right ticket! With our official metro map to hand, you can be confident that you’ve got accurate information.

Journey Planner

Taking lots of shopping home or carrying heavy luggage? Then you won’t want to be changing trains all of the time. The Hamburg Metro journey planner doesn’t just show you the quickest route, but the simplest one too. Because some days you just need to take it easy.

– Travel Tip –

If you can wait to travel until after 9am, you can buy the cheaper Day Ticket which will save you about €1.40.

Step-By-Step Guides

Hamburg Metro provides details of your route and shows every step of the journey in a list and on a map view. This means that you can see which direction to go, which line to take and where to change trains all on the familiar HVV map. You’ll never have to stop and look at a map in the station again.

Nearest Station

Get where you need to go without the hassle. Munich Metro can find and select your nearest station. When planning a journey it lets you choose from the closest three stations, so you can get on your journey quickly and easily. It’s also useful when you can’t quite remember the name of the station at the end of the street!

– Did You Know? –

Unlike Munich and Berlin, the Hamburg metro map doesn’t just show U-Bahn and S-Bahn lines. It also includes regional rail lines.

Hamburg Metro review on Google Play


A very useful app which served me well during my time…

Matthew S. | 21st December 2017

Hamburg Metro review on Google Play


Einfach und gut

مهدی حسینی | 13th November 2017

Hamburg Metro review on iTunes


Ideal para cuando te vienes a vivir nuevo a la ciudad. Siempre funciona divinamente.

Dj8725 | 16th October 2017

– Travel Tip –

In the city centre U-Bahn and S-Bahn trains start at 5am and run until around 1am. But services in the outer regions can finish as early as 11pm.

– Did You Know? –

The first U-Bahn line in Hamburg was opened in 1912.

Additional Features

Twitter Feed

Live updates from the official Hamburg HOCHBAHN Twitter account.

Favourite Routes

Bookmark your favourite routes and access them at any time from the map menu.

Walking Shortcuts

An overlay that shows where on the Hamburg metro map it’s quicker to walk.