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Hong Kong MTR map the best app for using the metro

Hong Kong is bursting with culture. A place you can find modern skyscrapers beside ancient temples. There’s a lot to see and do spread out across several islands and the tip of the mainland. So for both local commuters and tourists visiting Hong Kong for the first time the metro is one of the quickest and best ways to get around. To help with any confusion and for the ultimate de-stress tool when getting around by public transport make sure you have this Hong Kong MTR map at the ready.

Bilingual Map

On the Hong Kong Metro map, station and line names are displayed in Chinese and English – just like they are in the metro stations themselves. For locals using the app daily to commute this adds a sense of familiarity but also makes it easier for visitors to find their way. All stations can also be searched for in both Chinese and English.

Journey Planner

Let Hong Kong MTR Map and Metro route planner de-stress your journey and do the hard work for you. Tell it your start and end points and Hong Kong Metro will find the quickest route and the one with the fewest changes. Very useful when you’ve a lot to carry!

– Did You Know? –

Platforms on the Island Line of the Hong Kong metro show station names written using ancient Chinese calligraphy.

Step-By-Step Guides

You’ll never have to worry about ending up in Lantau Island instead of Hong Kong island. Each step of your journey is presented on the map with every detail you need to change at the right stop and head in the right direction. Although Lantau Island DOES have some beautiful sights to see!

Nearest Station

The quickest and easiest way to start your journey. Save time and let Hong Kong Metro find your nearest station, the app uses your location to find the nearest station to you and automatically selects it. It’s great for when you can’t quite figure out where on the metro map you are.

– Travel Tip –

The Octopus card lets you store money to use on the MTR. There is a discounted fare when using the Octopus card but you do need to pay a deposit to get one.

Hong Kong Metro review on Google Play


幾好,唔錯,路線分明, 容易找到目的地。

Android User | 21st October 2017

Hong Kong Metro review on Google Play



CL Mok | 13th September 2017

Hong Kong Metro review on iOS


Useful app for travel. I highly appreciate this app.

BiMark | 18th May 2016

– Did You Know? –

You can take the metro to Hong Kong Disneyland!

– Did You Know? –

Some metro stations have gates on the platforms that open with the doors as a safety measure.

Additional Features

Favourite Routes

Have a route you use a lot or want to save for later? Favourite a route and quickly find it again in the main menu.

Walking Shortcuts

An overlay that reveals when it’s actually quicker to walk between lines rather than use the metro.