Tokyo Metro Subway

Tokyo Metro Subway is an essential and simple app for a complex city.

This Tokyo transport app includes both the Tokyo Metro and Toei Subway. The network can seem intimidating at a first glance but when you have an app like Mapway’s Tokyo Metro Subway, it becomes easy to grasp. The app can find stations and plan routes, to simplify every journey.

Bilingual Map

Search for subway stations in English or Japanese and view them on a bilingual metro map. Completely user friendly, the map itself has been designed to make it as simple as possible to navigate the Tokyo Metro and Toei Subway.

Journey Planner

Even a well-travelled commuter can find it tricky working out the quickest way to get somewhere on Tokyo’s subway system. Choose your start and end stations and in seconds the app will find your quickest and easiest routes to take, even if you’re offline. It’s journey planning, simplified.

– Did You Know? –

On Tokyo escalators people stand on the left and walk on the right, but if you travel to Osaka the positions are reversed!

Step-By-Step Guides

Every journey comes with a complete summary showing you how many changes there are and how long it will take you, so you’ll never be late again. You’ll never feel lost either thanks to Tokyo Metro’s guides that take you step-by-step through your route on the metro map, highlighting changes.

Nearest Station

If you’re new to the city, surrounded by Tokyo’s many skyscrapers and brightly lit signs, it’s easy to feel a little lost. But don’t worry! Let Tokyo Metro lend a hand. Use the Locate Me arrow on iOS or Nearest Station option on Android to automatically select your closest metro station. What’s more every time you search for a station your nearest 3 will always be at the top of the list.

– Travel Tip –

Station numbers are displayed at every station in coloured circles. The letter represents the line it is on and the number represents the station.

Tokyo Metro review on iTunes


Very helpful and easy to us.

iOS User | 16th September 2017

Tokyo Metro review on Google Play



Android user | 28th August 2017

Tokyo Metro review on iTunes


Have used this fantastic app on two trips now. It makes planning and finding your way around a new city so easy!!

Mums Advice | 6th July 2017

– Travel Tip –

If you will be making a number of journeys, the PASMO card is a convenient prepaid card for using the subway and buses. You can just top it up as you need.

– Did You Know? –

On every platform there is a white line you must stand behind and guides to show you where the doors open. Passengers will line-up at these points.

Additional Features

Favourite Routes

Have a route you use a lot or want to save for later? Favourite a route to quickly find it again in the map menu.

Walking Shortcuts

An overlay that reveals when it’s actually quicker to walk between stations rather than use the subway.

Remove Ads

Remove the adverts with a simple one-off payment for faster route planning.