Tyne and Wear Metro

Whether a day trip or commute, Tyne and Wear Metro gives you the know-how you need.

Pan, zoom or use the search feature to find the station you want and see it on the official map. Take the guess work out of planning a journey on the metro and never worry about losing phone signal because the app works offline!

– Travel Tip –

Trains run about every 10 – 12 minutes, so if you miss your train, you shouldn’t have too long to wait for the next one.

Journey Planner

Get details for every journey on the Tyne and Wear metro. Tell the app where you want to go and know how long the journey will be so you can better plan your day. Tyne and Wear Metro also shows you how many stations you pass through and includes a map view of the entire journey on the metro map.

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Excellent tool for tourists.

Shiv P. | 25th August 2017

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Brilliant app. Can be used offline and underground. Fantastic realtime results as well! Very pleased.

Wally Walters | 24th August 2017

Bus Times London review on iOS


I fish around a lot and don’t have much time, this app really does help me to not have to constantly wait around for buses. So helpful, an absolute lifesaver!!!!

amaree234 | 24th August 2017