Washington DC Metro

Washington DC Metro map and route planner

The easy-to-read map and useful journey planning tools are the best way to guide yourself around the city. Let Washington DC Metro plan your journey to the Lincoln Memorial, the Smithsonian or to that coffee place near Union Station you visit before work.

Clear Metro Map

We’ve given our Washington DC Metro app the clearest and most user-friendly map on the market. By making a few tweaks to the official metro map our users tell us it’s much easier to read when getting from A to B.

Route Planner

In the route planner you’ll find both metro stations and points of interest, making it even easier to get exactly where you to need to go. Locations like Pentagon City, Ford’s Theatre and the National Portrait Gallery are all a click away and Washington DC Metro will find you the quickest and simplest routes.

– Did You Know? –

It’s illegal to eat in the DC metro facilities. Eating, drinking or littering could land you in trouble and result in a large fine!

Step-By-Step Guides

It helps to have an itinerary but sometimes it can be difficult to picture where you will be in relation to the map. That’s why our handy transport app gives you step-by-step guides on the metro map itself. Each journey is broken down so you know every direction and every changeover.

Nearest Station

This is the quickest and easiest way to start your journey. You might be exploring the city or maybe you just can’t decide which station is your closest. Washington DC Metro uses your location to find the nearest station to you and automatically selects it.

– Travel Tip –

When using an escalator stand on the right, leave the left side free for “moving traffic”.

Washington DC Metro review on iOS


Best metro app. Couldn’t be easier. Awesome!

Sebintracy | 11th November 2016

Washington DC Metro review by iOS


You can plan your trip with anticipation. Excellent application. Go forward guys!!

Humilde M | 6th October 2016

Washington DC Metro review by iOS


Great route finder. Interactive map is very helpful for finding route.

snowleopardcub | 14th May 2016

– Travel Tip –

For a better chance at getting a seat, get on the front carriage where it tends to be quieter.

– Travel Tip –

It may sound obvious but when a train is packed, it sometimes pays off to just wait for the next one.

Additional Features

Favourite Routes

Have a route you use a lot or want to save for later? Favourite a route to quickly find it again in the map menu.

Walking Shortcuts

An overlay that reveals where on the map it’s quicker to walk between stations rather than use the subway.

Removes Ads

Remove the adverts with a simple one-off purchase.