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Something very exciting has arrived for London bus users and it will change the way we navigate forever.

Augmented Reality hit the headlines recently, thanks to the launch of iOS 11 and Apple’s ARKit. While many apps use AR in games and for entertainment purposes, we want to create an innovative new use for Augmented Reality. We’ve developed something truly special for our Bus Times London app that will change the way we travel.

Maps can be confusing and sometimes it can take a few seconds to work out which way you’re facing or what side of the street you’re on. If you’re not great with maps and struggle with your sense of direction, it’s easy to end up turning left instead of right before you realise you’ve made a mistake. So is there a way to make navigation simpler?

The launch of Apple’s AR Kit for iOS 11 gave us the perfect platform to solve this problem in a unique way. The brand new Augmented Reality feature in Bus Times London shows you how to get to your bus stop without maps or guesswork.


Tap the binoculars after planning a route and something incredible happens. The camera is used to place a digital path on real-world streets. Your route is represented as a line with a red circular icon where your bus stop is. You can then follow the line to your destination.

The dashes on the line move in the direction of travel so you can be confident in the knowledge that you’re going the right way. The line will also update as your position changes and it will show you each turn you need to take. So wherever you’re going, thanks to Bus Times London and AR, you’ll never feel lost again.

It’s been exciting to work with new technology and we cannot wait for you to try it for yourselves. So please tap those binoculars and tell us what you think. We are always happy to hear from our users on Twitter and Facebook.

The AR view is available on iOS 11 for AR compatible devices. Download Bus Times London now and give it a go!


Haven’t used Bus Times London before?

Bus Times London offers a number of key features to simplify bus travel for commuters and visitors in London.

The search function can find routes and buses by location, number or name. The route planner can reveal which buses are the ones you need for any journey you’re making. And live information provides times and TfL (Transport for London) news to keep users up to date.

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