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The TTC is installing bicycle repair facilities at 10 subway stations. The aim is to offer an extra helping-hand to anyone who wants to complete the first or last mile of their journey on a bike. The repair equipment includes wrenches, Allen keys, screwdrivers, a bike pump and wheel chock. Everything a cyclist in trouble could need.

This new scheme is part of continuing effort by the TTC to provide more transport options to people in Toronto. The hope is that the repair kits will add visibility and encourage more people to cycle for the first or last leg of their journey.

“Like driving a car, regular maintenance is an important part of bicycle riding. Bicycle repair stations increase the visibility of cycling and create more supports for people choosing to ride. By placing bicycle repair stations at 10 TTC subway stations across Toronto, we’re further integrating cycling and transit together which enables more people to ride more often.” 

Jared Kolb, Executive Director, Cycle Toronto

Toronto’s cycling initiatives have also led to other changes in public transport such as bike racks on TTC buses, extra interior space on streetcars, bike parking at subway stations and retrofitted staircases at Pape and Dufferin stations with customised bike channels.

The subway stations that will be getting the bicycle repair kits were chosen based on bicycle journeys in the area, bike parking, routes and trails. In other words the popularity of cycling in the area surrounding the station. And the lucky 10 are:

  • Bathurst
  • Davisville
  • Downsview
  • Dupont
  • Finch
  • Kipling
  • Keele
  • Kennedy
  • Pape
  • Spadina

And don’t forget, once you’ve cycled to your local station, you can plan your subway journey with Toronto Subway available on iOS.

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