Tube Map London Underground

London’s favourite app for using the Underground.

Tube Map prepares you for the journey ahead with line status updates, real-time routing to anywhere in London and of course the latest official Tube Map from Transport for London. The award winning transport app features the iconic Harry Beck Tube Map which is easily recognisable to both local commuters and tourists. With a range of great features and the latest maps available every time there is an update, the Tube Map app is the simplest way to navigate the Underground when on the go.

Official Tube Map

Tube Map includes the latest official Transport for London map, based on the iconic Harry Beck design. The Tube network is constantly changing, from closed stations to the addition of entire lines (hello TfL Rail!) Download once and know that you’ll always have the latest Tube Map ready to go.

Line status and departure boards

Tube Map’s live status about every line on the TfL network. Whether it’s a closure on the Bakerloo line or delays on TfL Rail, you’ll always be in the know. Tap on a line for further information about any delays and what stations are causing the problem. Head to the Status & Departure Boards tab on a selected station to see departure times.

– Travel Guide –

Need help planning something to do in London or have questions about using the London Underground? Read the Mapway Travel Guide to London.

Journey Planner

Planning a journey to anywhere in London? Tube Map makes it easy! Plan journeys to and from postcodes, points of interest/tourist attractions and Tube stations. Realtime routes will avoid known delays so you can travel in confidence knowing that you’re going the quickest way. Tube Map’s route planner also works without an internet connection so you don’t have to worry about using up data!

Accessibility Information

View how accessible each platform is with ratings for those travelling with heavy luggage, a pushchair or using a wheelchair.

 – Travel Tip –

Don’t forget to tap out with the same card you used to tap in, or you might be charged more for your Tube journey.

Tube Map London Underground review on iTunes


Very handy Underground app. Never go to London without this app.

Robroy060 | 6th December 2021

Tube Map London Underground review on iTunes

Best App ★★★★★

Amir Haqani | 17th October 2019

Tube Map London Underground review on iTunes

This app is everything I’ve always wanted in a transit app. Easy to use, clear, highly functional. Made getting around London a snap.

rydley | 2nd September 2019

– Did you know –

You should stand on the right when using an escalator on the London Underground or risk being frowned at by the locals!

– Travel Tip –

For more travel tips tap any station in Tube Map and click Information & Facilities. You’ll find some fun facts, travel tips and things to look out for!*

*Available on Android. Feature in development for iOS.

Additional Features

First & Last Trains

This handy Premium feature gives you the first and last train times for each service. For more information visit “Unlocked Features Explained”.

Tube Exits

Want to know the quickest way off the Tube and out of the exit? This helpful Premium feature tells you which carriage to use to get out first. For more information visit “Unlocked Features Explained”.

Walking Routes

The walking routes shortcut is a map overlay that shows which stations are quicker to walk to and how long it will take.


Tube Map supports widgets, making it even easier to view the latest real-time information without needing to open the app.

Our Premium users can also access platform specific enhanced widgets.